So as I’m new to this blogging game I thought I would do a little get to know me and random facts all mashed into one. Enjoy!
1. I’m 22 years old and certainly don’t look it.

2. I was born in Manchester but currently live in Morecambe with my partner.

3. I have a little brother who’s 9.

4. I’m a massive animal lover. My favourites are definitely penguins!

5. I’m a natural dark brown but I’ll never get it back due to the amount I’ve bleached it.

6. I have green eyes but they can change colour to blue at times.

7. I work in a trampoline park and it’s such a cool job!

8. My favourite movie is Monster Inc but I love any Disney film!

9. Edinburgh is my favourite place to visit.

10. I have a jack Russell cross called Jack.

11. I’m a total morning person I love being able to get stuff done early and feel like I have my life together.

12. I love all hot drinks.

13. My favourite season is definitely winter. I love the cold nights and Christmas with family.

14. I have never broken a bone in my life. *touch wood*

15. I’m 5ft 8 and really struggle with jeans but thank god for topshop!

16. I really enjoy going football matches and watching F1.

17. You me at six are my favourite band but I love all music.

18. I’ve only ever been abroad once!

19. I have a teddy frog called Freddie I can’t sleep without. My grandma got me him when I was 13 just before she died.

20. I hate rollercoasters.

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