The truth about family..

Hi guys,

Growing up I was an only child. Just me and my mum going through life and of course my amazing grandma helping out. My mum had me very young and did everything to give me everything I wanted. She’s my role model and always will be.

Fast forward to when I was about 11/12. She met someone and at first I was so happy for her. She deserved it so much but people change and it sucks. When I got told my mum was pregnant I honestly didn’t know what to say.. I’d be an only child for 12 years and suddenly in 9 months I wasn’t gonna be.

If I’m honest I hated the fact someone else had the attention I always had but as time went on as I was going through high school. I learnt to love my little brother.

Now here’s where the title of the post comes in.. since he was born and growing up he’s now aged 9. He’s always been told he’s my full brother. But the difference is we have different dads. I’ve never treated him any different to me to my family he’s my full blood brother and that’s the way it’ll always be. He’s seen me in some tough times through my epilepsy. He’s always been there when I’ve felt down and give me cuddles. Honestly? Blood doesn’t always mean full love. I learnt love a different way. He may not be full blood but he’s my brother and that’s the way it always be.

My little bother absolutely adores Liam. He’s like a big brother to him, will play with him and build Lego. It’s amazing to see how my much my little brother adores people in my life.

Sometimes blood doesn’t always mean family. I may have grown with just my mum but my little brother was the little piece I just needed to fill our little family unit up. I wouldn’t change him for the world. He’s my full brother, he’s not half. He’s not full blood but I love him just the same. Nothing will ever change. I guess what I’m trying to say is sometimes a family isn’t what you see but if you have half, step whatever in your family. It’s still a family just a very unique family and that’s an amazing memorable thing to have. Cherish it. It’s special and it’ll last a lifetime.

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