Wembley Cup Final!

Hi guys,

This post has meant to have gone up over four weeks ago but other posts and work got in the way of that. So here we are four weeks later.

Just over four weeks ago now. Me and my partner were going to London for his little birthday treat. His main birthday present was going to see his favourite YouTuber Spencer FC and his team Hashtag United. I’ve gotta say I only recently got into watching their videos and was actually quite excited about watching it at Wembley!!

We also went to Harry Potter studios during the time we was there but that’s another post coming soon and that was unreal!

Anyway back to the Wembley Cup Final. The one thing I loved most about going was the fact there was a build up to the big day with YouTube videos and challenges to see who would get into the F2 freestyles team. It made it more exciting and counting down the days till we went. The other big thing was everyone that was going to Wembley was going all because of YouTube and that’s just surreal!

Anyway back to the day. It was on 7th October 2017. We woke up that morning so excited to go. I got new shoes the day before. Bad mistake. I got HUGE blisters. Not fun. We set off about half 11 as we wanted to go up Wembley way and just have a little walk round. We had both never been before so we was very excited about the whole day and the experience. Just as we got to Wembley it started to rain. Just our luck really! But I can honestly say nothing was going to ruin our day. Wembley way was amazing and the pictures don’t even show how happy we really were.

Once we got in at 1pm we was gobsmacked at how big it actually was. It felt unreal that we was here all because of YouTube.. One thing I have to say about Wembley is it is quite expensive for food! In total I think we paid about £20 for 2 cokes, chips and a burger. I’m not complaining though it was yummy!

As for the game it was amazing. Everyone there had a fantastic day and enjoyed their day. We definitely did because Hashtag won 6-1!!

I can honestly say that YouTube is starting to take over the world. There was over 34K people to watch a game of football that was mainly YouTubers and legends was sureal.

I have to say my highlight of the game was definitely seeing Gerrard in the flesh and knowing he’s still got it!!

Overall I would say this was an incredible day and weekend spent in London and many many memories have been made that we will both never forget. An unreal day and an amazing game of football. We even want to go back next year if it happens again. Wembley is an amazing venue and a fantastic ground.

It’s a day I won’t forget for a very long time and honestly can’t wait to be back hopefully next year. I know this a bit unusual from my other posts but I love football and had to share this amazing experience and hope you enjoyed reading.

Till next time.

Jen x

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