Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Hi guys,

So this post was meant to go up October time but I never got round to writing it and to be honest I completely forgot. Oops.

Anyway if you know me you’ll know I’m the biggest Harry Potter fan. I love the movies, books and all the primark merch they currently selling I’m a massive fan.

So when me and my boyfriend were going to London to watch Wembley Cup I said we need to go to Harry Potter and honestly it’s the best experience ever and I can’t wait to go back later this year.

So let’s begin my magical adventure.

So first of all. We walked through to like a little cinema thing and watched how Harry Potter was made and heard about how the characters made it their home for 10 years and honestly it got me feeling all kinda things. After that had finished the screen went up was the incredible great hall doors. If you have a birthday when you go you are able to push the doors open to the great hall for this part within the great hall you’ll have a tour guide who tells you all about it and it’s honestly just so magical. Standing in the same place as all the actors did. Incredible.

As we went in October we were able to see how they decorate for Halloween and it was unreal. I definitely want to go back at Christmas time after seeing how they do Halloween. I would also like to point out. All the pictures are my own but the clothes/costumes you see are 100% real and was worn by the actors and that was just incredible to see.

After you spend about 10 minutes within the great hall. The tour guide rushes you into the next part as it’s always quite busy there’s groups that come in etc so they need you out of great hall pretty quickly.

After this you are able to walk around the rest of the tour by yourself which we both really enjoyed. We could take our time and listen to other tour guides showing other stuff. We spent about 3/4 hours and we didn’t even realise. This place is just so magical.

After looking round the other bits. We made our way into the forbidden forest and I won’t lie. It’s creepy as the film and i was so scared about Aragog even if he wasn’t real but me and spiders that’s a big no but I was also so so excited because I actually adore Buckbeck he’s my favourite and seeing him in real life and even when he bows to you. I was blown away and after the tour I off course had to buy my own bucklebeck teddy.

After this area. We made our way to the most amazing place and that was platform 9 3/4. The most magical place, to see the Hogwarts express and take pictures with the trolleys the actors used. I felt like I was in the film, we were also allowed to go inside the Hogwarts express but it was so busy we didn’t go in but next time we will!

After this bit we made our way through the cafe area. I’m quite sad to say I didn’t try butterbeer because I wasn’t sure on it but next time I think I will. After working through this area we made it outside to the Knight Bus, Harry’s house and the crazy bridge.

I can honestly say I was mind blown by all this and how I was even here it was a dream. After this we made our way to where they created all the creatures like Dobby, other creatures and the goblins. This was so cool and I loved it!

Now it’s on to my favourite part Diagon Alley. This was so magical and I could 100% live here.

And off course there most instagram part of the tour!

The last and final part was the models of Hogwarts etc and this is mindblowing.

I can honestly say that it felt as magical as the movies and I can’t wait to be back again later this year. If your thinking of going I would definitely say do it you won’t regret it, it’s amazing and magical.

Thank you for reading guys and I’m sure I’ll do another one when we go back again.

“But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Till next time,

Jen x

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