Learning To Love Yourself.

Hi guys,

I feel like as we are growing up in an age where social media is huge and it’s become a part of daily life, we sometimes forget to put ourselves first and take a step away from social media and really think, do I really love who i am and who I’ve become?

If I ask you this one question, are you happy with who you are? Could you answer? Because for me for the past four years I’ve been working on putting myself first at times and actually loving the body that we are in. We will never 100% be happy with everything that’s just a part of life but we have to learn to love ourselves before anyone else because if you can’t love yourself can you ever really love someone else?

Loving yourself is so much more than just looking in the mirror and saying ‘ I love you’ to yourself. It’s being able to love yourself on your bad days, being able to push past the urges to cut, purge whatever it is you may struggle with, it’s to know you are a strong person and you deserve to live this life.

Oh trust me I’ve been in such a dark dark time where I hated my body, I hated who i was and I really didn’t want to be here anymore but one day it just hit me I have to get better, I have to live because I had so much to look forward to and the person who made me realise this was my boyfriend. He came into my life when I couldn’t love myself and made me realise I deserved to live and be loved and everything changed that day.

It’s just like when you love someone whether that’s a family member or a partner no matter what they do, if they annoy you or make you incredibly happy and the small little ‘you look beautiful’ today when you feel like you really don’t, that’s all because YOU LOVE THEM! How you them should be how you treat yourself and then you’d realise how to love yourself and that’s a special feeling.

When you learn to love yourself it opens up so many doors to a world you didn’t know even existed. You grow as a person and your confidence will just go through the roof and like you can do anything! People would see the change in you and see how happy you are actually and not the ‘fake’ smile that we are all guilty of doing! Once you love yourself you’ll be able to really love the other people around you.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that’s it easy to love yourself because it isn’t, it’s took me over four years to finally love myself and accept all the flaws that I do have and love every single one of them. You’ll just have to wake up and look at yourself and the flaws you may have but also love them little by little and trust me you will see a massive change in yourself over time, it’s not going to happen overnight but it will happen within months and years to go by.

We all have them few things that we do or happen to us and we hate it so much we apologise and get angry at ourselves when we shouldn’t, just like when you laugh that hard that little noise comes out, oh yes you know which one, you’ll learn to love that because it shows how happy you really are and you shouldn’t apologise for being happy and expressing that with no shame whatsoever! We’ve all been in the changing rooms when we’ve been shopping and it doesn’t fit and we get angry at ourselves and hate how we have ‘gained’ when in reality we haven’t, shops are just shocking at sizing i swear! Just try not to pick out the imperfections, I know that’s a hard one but trust me you’ll feel so much better when you don’t.blog post

When you finally learn to love yourself you will feel superhuman and like you can take anything on in the world and trust me you can!

I believe in every single one of you people! It’ll take time but it will be so worth it I promise!

If you would like me to do a post on self care let me know in the comments.

Till next time,

Jen x

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