Less Forgettable With Paperless Post.

Hi guys,

So in today’s post I will be talking about a new website that is completely changing the way that we send cards to our family and friends. When Paperless Post  got in contact with me about working with them in exchange for coins to use on the cards on the website I thought hey why not? I really do like the idea of it.

*all views expressed are my own & are 100% honest*


Like we have all had that moment we’ve forgotten Mothers Day, a friends birthday and lovely Facebook likes to remind you? yeah we’ve all done it oops. I think my friends and family have got use to me forgetting but maybe not anymore!

Paperless Post have a wide range of different cards for all occasions, such as birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, cards especially for every member of your family! But not only that they also do wedding invitations, business launch invites, save the dates, kids party invites and so much more all hassle free and we all want that life right?

Now I haven’t got any birthdays coming up till next month so I thought about sending a card to my lovely partner purely because he’s been my rock recently so why not? The card that I chose was a cute little bear one because it was just to adorable and as I’m an animal lover I just had to choose it!


Next up which I thought was the coolest thing ever! Is you can set the scene with a cool background while your making the card and I of course had to go with sparkly stars, hey I’m a blogger I love cute backdrops!


The next coolest thing was you could also change the the colour of the envelope and liner inside it, like how cool is that? We don’t want boring envelopes anymore!


It’s then so easy to put their name and email in and send it to them! It is such an easy service to use and I think I will definitely be using it when I do forget birthdays!


They even have a little address book stored of the cards that you have sent to people so without anymore hassle you can send them one again, so handy!


So is it worth it? In my opinion I would say yes, it’s so easy and simple to send a card to a loved one and there is so many different choices it can suit anyone of any age, but coming from a person who loves sending cards, writing an essay inside the card and knowing the person will treasure the card is why I love sending cards in the post or seeing them open it when i’m with them. Also they do have some free options but the one that I sent to my partner cost 6 coins and to buy the coins it can be quite expensive as 20 coins cost £5 which I can imagine if one of my cards cost  6 coins it can rack up quite a big bill.

Who knows though, with the digital age we are living in we might be saying goodbye to card shops soon and it will all be online and i’m not sure I’m quite ready for that just yet!

what do you guys think? Is it a good idea and will it catch on? Or are you like me and love the idea of actual paper cards? Do let me know in the comments.

Love Jen x

2 thoughts on “Less Forgettable With Paperless Post.

  1. awkwardwhale says:

    It’s a cool idea and the card you made is really cute but I’m like you, I love writing lots and physically giving someone a card that I know they’ll keep. It’s great in that it’s helping the enviroment but I don’t understand why it’s so expensive as once they have all the designs etc, surely it doesn’t cost the company much money? I think for now I’ll stick with paper ones 🙂

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