The Boyfriend Tag – Blog Edition.

Hi guys,

In today’s post I thought I  would do something different and bring my boyfriend into the blogging world and see if he knows me as well as he says and the best way is to do The Boyfriend Tag. We have been together over 4 years now and still no ring and babies *crying face*

Let’s get right into the questions and see how well he really did. *gulp *

1. Where did we meet? On Facebook, funnily enough.

Yep, it’s not very romantic but can’t complain!

2. Where was our first date? I honestly can’t remember off the top of my head but I believe it was for a meal and a trip to the cinema.

To be honest, I can’t even remember a date but I would say it was probably that.

3. What was your first impression of me? Proper loser (I joke) You hair was some dodgy colour but you were beautiful.

How nice but so true, I had horrible blonde gone wrong hair.

4. When did you meet the family? pretty fast, I think it was the second time of us meeting up as I came round to yours.

That is so true, he has been in my brother’s life pretty much since he was 4!

5. Do I have any weird obsession, if so..what? Not that I can think of.

I don’t think I do either.

6. How long have we been together? Nearly 5 years. 4 years and 5 months.

Honestly didn’t think he would know, well done boy!

7. Do we have any traditions? Not really.

Nah we are just a boring couple really.

8. Where was our first holiday? Holiday, not been abroad together yet but we’ve taken plenty of trips to Blackpool if that counts as a holiday? lul.

True, hopefully going abroad next year when we have saved up a bit!

9. What was the first thing you noticed about me? Your hair.

CUTE! Thank you.

10. What is my favourite restaurant? Frankie’s and Benny’s.

True, such yummy burgers!

11. What do we argue about the most? Random stuff that doesn’t mean a thing.

So true, we just bicker.

12. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Me, of course.

You keep thinking that pal.

13. If I’m watching TV what am i watching? Absolute shite.

Don’t lie you love the stuff that i watch really.

14. What is one food I don’t like? Meat pie.

True it’s disgusting ew!

15. What drink do I order when we go out to eat? A glass of coke.

Gotta love that full fat stuff ok?

16. What size shoe do I wear? 9.

Wrong pal, it’s an 8 ha.

17. What is my favourite kind of sandwich? Ham.

Plain and simple but still yummy!

18. What is one talent I have? Don’t think you have any.

TRUE! Again I’m such a boring person.

19. What would I eat every day if i could? Pizza and Cheesy Chips.

Such a favourite, so yummy omg!

20. What is my favourite cereal? Cookie Crisp.

Can we just talk about how yummy it is, favourite cereal ever.

21. Who said I love you first? Me.

Yes, it was so cute!

22. Which sport do I like the most? Gymnastics.

I could watch it all day, it’s genuinely my favourite sport by far.

23. What is my eye colour? Green.


24. Who is my best friend? Natalia.

And you my love!

25. What is something I do that you wish I didn’t? Get mad over nothing.

That’s just a girl thing I can’t stop that sorry.

26. What’s my favourite colour? Purple.


27. What kind of cake would you bake me on my birthday? Sponge cake.

I’d love to see him try and bake but yes everyone loves a sponge cake.

28. I’m at the zoo where will I spend the whole day at? At the Penguins because you’re obsessed.

Very true, I just love them so much and spend my life watching zoo webcams or getting loads of teddy versions, not sorry at all.

29. What can I spend hours doing? Watching Gymnastics.

Again so true!

30. If I could live anywhere, where? Australia.

One day we will 100%, ultimate dream place and country.

31. Describe me in 3 words? Beautiful, weird, awesome.

That’s cute!

32. Do I give great gifts? Yes!

Off course I do!

33. What’s our favourite memory together? Going to London for a week and doing the things we love.

Still my favourite, we made amazing memories and can’t wait to be back again!

34. What is one place I want to travel to? DisneyLand.

I’m such a big kid at heart, need to go soon!

35. What is my biggest goal in life? To be successful and have a family!

All I want and need to be happy in life.

36. What do I regret about my family life? Not getting to spend enough time with your auntie and grandma.

So true, never know when it’s to late so always live each day like it’s your last and tell the people you love how much you do.

37. Am I morning or evening person? Evening.

So true, don’t speak to me in the morning, i’m so moody.

38. What is my best feature? Everything is perfect.


39. What has been your favourite hair colour on me that I have done? Your current one.

I’ve had so many different hair colours but my pink is my favourite to!

40. What would I change about my family life when I was child for my children? Don’t take life too serious.

10000% you never know what’s wrong the corner so always have fun and take the risk your dying to take!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and getting to know more about me and my partner. If you would like us to do more posts like this let me know in the comments below.

Love, Jen x

10 thoughts on “The Boyfriend Tag – Blog Edition.

  1. foundationsandfairytales says:

    Love this post it was such a cute read! My fiance’s answer would be exactly the same to the who wears the trousers question! He thinks it’s him but it’s definitely me really haha!

    Jess //

    Liked by 2 people

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