Technic Cosmetics Prism Collection.

Hi guys,

In today’s post I will be doing a review on the new Prism collection by the amazing Technic Cosmetics, who kindly sent me a hamper of goodies to try out and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. If you haven’t heard of this brand before they are an award winning UK  based make up brand who are super affordable and also cruelty free. They also do a wide range of make up from foundation to highlighter and even nail polish so it’s definitely a brand for all make up lovers!

The new Prism Collection is designed to make you sparkle and glisten just like a unicorn and who doesn’t want that? It would also be fantastic for the upcoming festival season! As a girl who loves a strong glow I knew I would love this range and i certainly wasn’t wrong.

img_0996img_1131Firstly we have to talk about the most amazing product and one that i’m absolutely in love with and that is the Prism Rainbow Highlighter*. It contains five different segments that creates an amazing unicorn like glow which is just incredible. You could use a smaller brush to get whichever colour you wanted but if you want a proper unicorn glow it’s best to swirl it all around which creates an icy lilac shade which i love!


img_1136Next we have the Prism Unicorn Horn Cream Highlighter * and the Prism Unicorn Cream*, now with this I never really used cream highlighters I’ve always loved the powder version but hey let’s try something new! The unicorn horn highlighter are so easy to blend and come in two different shades sparkle and flash, they don’t feel sticky at all, perfect for a subtle but glowing look.

img_1134Onto the unicorn cream in starlight but it also comes in a different shade of shine bright. It does like very gold within the packaging but when blended out it has a ray of different colours including gold, lilac and silver, it’s just incredible  I definitely think it can be put over the body and not just the face especially for festivals and parties and stand out with an amazing glow all day!


Next up we have an amazing Colour Fix Bronze Palette*. Now this isn’t in the Prism collection but you cant have a make up look without bronzer! As such as pale girl its hard for me to find a bronzer that doesn’t make me look orange but this palette is definitely getting a yes from me, it has some matte ones but also some shimmer ones so its perfect for day and night and perfect for all skin types.



Next up we have these Metalix Cream Eyeshadow * which I am absolutely in love with, they are so easy to use and can be used alone or on top of eyeshadow to create an amazing pop. They come in a range of different shades but the ones I got sent were: Rosie Posie, Halo, Taupe Be and Champagne*. They have such a range of different colours so there is plenty of choice for make up lovers.


Next up we have the amazing Galactic Gloss * which are amazing lip glosses with a bright colour which I absolutely love and are just perfect for a festival look, the ones that I have got Ariel 4 Eric* and Aurora*. They are amazing for lip toppers as alone they stand out so much on their own. Ariel 4 Eric is a sheer purple colour and Aurora is a gorgeous icy blue! But I love them both so much.


Finally we have the Prism Make Up Bag * which I adore, It is just as bright as the full collection with a croc effect that I adore and I was so in need of a new make up bag so this is definitely getting added to my collection!

I adore everything that was kindly sent to me and will be added to my make up collection and will definitely be coming out during the summer months and during parties! I have fallen in love with Technic and I just love how versatile the whole collection is can be used on face, lips, eyes and body and it’s incredible value!

Which is your favourite product? Let me know in the comments. Also if you’d like me to a do a make up look with this products also let me know as I would love to do that.

Love, Jen x

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