A Realistic Self Care Checklist.

Hi guys,

As I haven’t posted about mental health in a while, I thought in today’s post we can talk about self care and why it is so important for our mental health. As I am a full time worker now and I absolutely adore my job but it’s so fast paced and long hours on my days of I just like to sit back and relax and unwind.

We all see them self care posts on Tumblr or Pinterest and to me some of them really aren’t relastic at all so i’m going to take about what I do on a bad mental health day or just when I need to relax and put myself and my mental health first.

Stop Procrastinating:

As a girl who is currently doing an apprenticeship and we all know how much work goes into it and as a person who always leaves work till the last minute even my blog (oops) so by planning out the work I need to do and setting time in the day it leads me to being less stressed and actually enjoying writing my blog or doing work on my apprenticeship. So get that work done before the deadline and you’ll feel amazing.

Change them bedsheets.

Don’t we all love the feeling of fresh sheets and how happy they generally make us! So get up, get your favourite sheets out and change that bed because there is nothing like fresh sheets for a fresh mind.

Have a pamper day. 

Now we all love the feeling of freshly washed hair, have glowing skin and freshly shaved legs!  So get up put a face mask on, wash that hair an shave them legs and trust me you’ll feel so much better afterwards, it makes me feel so fresh and like I can take on the world!

Go to the beach.

If you suffer from anxiety like me you’ll know how much the feel of sand and the sound of the waves can make you feel calm and for me living by the sea has done me wonders, so whether it’s a drive away or you live on the doorstep, get up and go to the beach with a book or music and just take it all in.


Spend the day watching your favourite films.

For me sitting down with my boyfriend and watching Marvel films is my favourite way to unwind and relax and it’s always great just spending time with him. So get your laptop out or even put on Netflix and spend a day watching your favourite films without any social media!

Book a train and just get out of town. 

For me I enjoy once a month just getting up and planning to go somewhere away from town, spend the day outside and just enjoy the weather no matter what it is. Just getting outside can make you feel so much better and you can also discover a new place which is always a bonus.

Catch up on them zzzz’s.

For me sleep is one of them things that if I don’t get enough of I become such a moody person so sometimes I like to go to bed that little bit early, read a book and get at least 8 hours sleep and feel fresh as a button trust me it works!

Organise your space.

For me having a messy house gets me even more stressed and I truly believe having a clean house can have such a big effect on your mental health. So get that hoover out, clean the house, wash them clothes that need doing and you’ll feel so much better.

Visit family. 

For me since moving away from my family, I like to go home and see them every couple of months and it makes me feel so much better as having such a young brother he’s always on the go. So go round to your mum’s or gran’s and just have a chat and cup of tea, it works a treat.


Retail Therapy.

Now there is no feeling like getting paid and going on a shopping trip and for me going alone or with my girlfriends is so therapeutic, there is no feeling like buying new clothes or make up or just basically treating yourself to whatever you had your heart on. So get the girls or go buy yourself or even online and treat yourself because you deserve it.

Do you have a self care day and if so what do you do for your own? Let me know in the comments.

Love, Jen x

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