A Letter To My Younger Self.

Dear younger me,

Throughout this life you will go through so many ups and downs, tears and laughter, love and loss even though it’ll feel hard at times I promise in time it will get better and it’ll shape you into an incredibly strong person.

Your teenage years are going to be like hell, you’ll go through so much at such a young age but hold on little one because it will get better, First of all you’ll find it hard to make friends as you’re quite a shy person but in time you’ll overcome that and make some incredible friends who will always be there through thick and thin. The one that will hit you the hardest is losing your bestfriend, your rock, your grandma it’ll hit you like a ton of bricks and you’ll push people away but in time you’ll learn to deal with the grief and make her so proud of you. It won’t all be bad, your mum will have another baby, your little brother that will become your rock and bestfriend but most of all he’ll be there for you in such hard times.

You’ll learn that not everyone you meet has great intentions to be your friend/partner you’ll go through bad relationships and learn who your real family are and that doesn’t mean just because your related doesn’t mean they deserve to be in your life but this will lead to you becoming a stronger person but you won’t ever give up on life and in your last teenage years you’ll find the person you’ve been looking for all your life and you’ll finally feel complete.

You will go through a really hard journey to overcome your mental health, you’ll have to put yourself first and accept that you do in fact need the help and trust me it will be the hardest journey but it’ll be so worth it and you’ll become the strongest person and the best thing you’ll be able to help other people and that will make you realise that you want to be here, you want to be alive and help others.

Throughout life you’ll be challenged by everything in your path, you won’t do well in school, you’ll lose close family member’s and it’ll knock you right down but you’ll move away with someone you know will be in your life forever and finally get a job you love. It’ll be a hard journey but once you get there you’ll realise that everything happens for a reason.

You’ll make genuine friends, have a small family circle with people who love and care. You’ll party for all the loss time during the teenage years and make incredible memories that will last a lifetime!

I would never want to tell you how to live your life because if someone gave me the chance to go back, I wouldn’t change a thing because it’s make the person I am today and that’s a strong passionate woman and let me tell you life gets so good and you’ll be glad your here to see it.

Love and hugs,

Your older self.

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