Review: Say Nice Things Journal.

So if you know me you’ll know that I love all things stationery but who doesn’t? So when I got approached by the company Say Nice Things. I jumped at the chance to take up their offer of sending me a journal to review. I was in need of a new one.

n she fell seriously ill she would write all her feelings down in a journal and was able to look back years later and realise how many positive changes you’ve made which I think is an incredible thing to do and one thing I want to try. All of their stationery is designed and made in the UK which I think is great and I love supporting smaller brands but who doesn’t right?

They kindly gifted me the Crystal A5 Journal and I adore it so much!img_2128img_2130

The journal comes in the cutest packaging ever and I just adore it and it also comes with the two logo stickers which I have no idea what I’m going to use them for but I love them. The best thing about this it comes with the cutest little note and also tells you who packed the order.


I absolutely adore the design of the journal and its so soft and flexible which means it’s easy to carry round day-to-day and is such a pretty colour and shape I adore it!

img_2140It comes in six different sections which I feel is easier to find anything you write in the six sections and is also colour coordinated which is so easy but if you aren’t a person who likes the sections it is easier to ignore and just use it as you want.




Sections one to four are all lined which makes it easy to jot anything you need down and get all the feelings out or plan blog posts. Section five is half plain half patterned which I love purely because it could be used for doodling or colouring in and I love colouring in while thinking so I think it is a very good idea. Finally in section six it is a monthly planner page which I think is such a good idea to help plan your month and easy to remember things that we all forget!


Also in the back it has a little is a card pouch which is great for leaflets or business cards because you’ll never know when you may need to pull one out!

Also the people over at Say Nice Things have given me another one of the Crystal Journals to giveaway to one of you lovely people so head over to my twitter here where it will be live!

Overall I love the journal and all the different things it has to offer within the journal and there is so many different shapes and sizes and even notebooks so there  is something for everyone. You can buy all their products through their own website – Say Nice Things.

What do you think about this journal, will you be checking out this brand?

*disclaimer I was kindly gifted the product but all views are mine.

10 thoughts on “Review: Say Nice Things Journal.

  1. Earthboundstars says:

    What a cute and thoughtfully designed journal! I love the stickers and the coloring section. I’m not great at being accountable enough to journal every day but I’ve got my eye on a few planners for 2019.

    Liked by 1 person

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