10 Date Ideas On A Budget.

So we are all trying to save money these days and especially since Christmas is coming up (gulp). Date nights can get so repetitive at times, the usual dinner, bowling or cinema and of course they are fun but when you don’t have much money to spend what can you do to still have fun on a date? We all want to try something new and exciting but on a budget that can be hard so I have 10 date ideas on a budget to share with you.

Movie Marathon.

Now who doesn’t love curling  up on the sofa or in bed and watching your favourite movies or franchise with bae and eating all the chocolate and sweets you can. You just can’t beat it. It’s such a simple, classic and sometimes better than the cinema so you don’t have to listen to loud eaters and you can wear comfy clothes and no bra so who’s winning here?


This is one of my favourite things to do because you can choose the food that you want to pack which means making it as cheap as you want! There is plenty of parks out there to bring your own picnic in but my all time fave has to be on the beach and I have the bonus of living next to a beach and I do love it when it’s summer just not the seagulls. The best thing about this is you can sit down, relax and just enjoy each others company.

Have a game night.

As we are growing up in the digital world now and everything is either phones, TV’s or laptops, sometimes it is so nice to just sit down, dig them games out and sit down with a nice cold drink with no screens and enjoy each other’s company. Who doesn’t love a good old game of monopoly?

Cook together.

Now there is nothing like going to the supermarket or making your own pizza dough but I’m not good at that so supermarket pizza dough does me great, picking all the ingredients that you want to put on and messing about and just have a laugh together  and sometimes get covered in flour. It’s such a heap date and one I love to do now and again!

Go on a walk.

There is nothing like just getting dressed and getting up and going on a walk with no sense of direction and no place to go but by doing this you’ll discover things about your town that you never knew was there before. You can even take the dog and explore new places as a family.

Try a new sport.

There is nothing like getting out to your local leisure centre and trying a new sport. My partner loves badminton so I gave it a try, I wasn’t very good but it was so nice to see him enjoying something that he loves even if I wasn’t very good at it, we had a great time and had a lot of laughs so why not try something your partner loves and it is so cheap!

Make ice cream sundaes.

Go to the shop pick up a vanilla ice cream tub and pick all your favourite toppings and make the best ice cream sundae ever and enjoy because it will taste amazing trust me and this is amazing on a hot summer’s day.

Volunteer at your local animal shelter.

This is the cutest date you could ever do and it’s definitely next on my list. There is nothing like going to a local animal shelter and walking some adorable dogs and giving them the happiness they deserve and who doesn’t love animals? You might even be able to feed other animals such as Donkey’s, Horses and so much more. This is definitely the one for animal lovers.

Go on an unplanned drive.

There is nothing like hopping in a car and just driving and not knowing where you’ll end up and most of the time these are the best kind of dates with crazy singing and laughter and even seeing the stars you just can’t beat that can you?

Hit up the local market stalls.

Go and see what your local market stall has to offer and what bargains you can find because you’ll be surprised and you’ve gotta get that freshly made bread because damn it’s tasty! Just enjoy what your town can offer and have a laugh.

It’s so easy to have a perfect date on a cheap date and make the most amazing memories and just have a great time.

Which is your favourite date listed? If you use any of these do let me know.

Jen x

14 thoughts on “10 Date Ideas On A Budget.

  1. thegoodthehuman says:

    I got married April of this year and we’re still just coming together financially after the wedding so these tips are such good ideas for us right now! We really love doing date nights and making memories together and we really do make an effort to be creative but you’ve just provided me a list and saved me the mental work lol thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ellieslondon says:

    These are such perfect ideas. I love them all especially the cooking one. My man has really started to love cooking these days because of the time we spent, me trying to show him ‘how to’ 🙂 I love going on random drives out of the city as well – even walks with the sunshine we just had!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. zahthinks says:

    Me and my hubby have movie marathons and watch random videos on youtubes. Then the favourite way to spend our day is snuggle each other and go off to sleep…😁

    Liked by 1 person

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