2 Nights In Edinburgh.

After 2 years since me and my boyfriend went to Edinburgh we decided to go back for his birthday, we usually go every year for his birthday but last year we went to the Wembley Cup instead.

If you haven’t read my last post on Edinburgh you can read it here. You’ll understand why I love Edinburgh so much if you read that post but let’s get into our last trip!

We travelled on the 3rd October and I have to say even though it’s 2 and half hours away on a train it can still be very expensive, at first we were going to travel by Virgin which was £96 but I checked Trasnpennie Express and their price was £76, so we managed to save £20 there, thank god!

As for the hotel we stayed in The White Lady which was located on St John’s Road which was perfect for us as it was only a 10 minute walk from the zoo, pure living! We love this hotel as it’s so big, easy to get to places and the staff are actually so lovely and it has a bath! We live in a flat that only has a shower so when I go to a hotel that has a bath I take full advantage!

The main reason we always go to Edinburgh is for the zoo, it’s definitely one of my favourite zoo’s by far and I just love the views right at the top. It’s mind-blowing! We booked our tickets online through their website which came to £35 which I think is a great price for a zoo and you definitely can spend the full day here which I love. It also wasn’t to busy as we went mid week which was lovely and we could take our time looking at all the animals which was really nice.

The only downside to the zoo is it is very uphill and takes a lot of walking with the enclosures spread out a lot but it’s full of different animals you wouldn’t see at other zoo’s like the pandas and koala bears, I was very sad that the koalas were closed as I absolutely adore them! But we managed to finally see the Pandas well the boy because the girl was to shy to come out but they are such beautiful and big animals. I adore them so much. My all time favourite animals were of course at the zoo and we got to see the penguin walk again and I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of watching it. They are the most adorable animals!


I don’t think I’ve ever been to a zoo where the views are amazing and it makes all the hill climbing so worth it and trust me there is a lot of hills! I was definitely sore for a few days afterwards so the zoo is a fab leg day ha! It was very windy that day but I’d love to go in the summer and see the incredible view when the sun is shining. I bet it’s even better.




Overall I love this zoo and it’s by far my favourite zoo and it never gets boring going back and I’m already ready to go back again next year and hopefully take my mum and little brother and make a proper family day out of it  that would be really nice.

Have you ever been to Edinburgh before?


Jen x

11 thoughts on “2 Nights In Edinburgh.

  1. everythingevening says:

    I haven’t been to Edinburgh zoo in years, I would love to go and see the Panda’s though! I’m lucky enough that I can frequently visit Edinburgh as it’s only an hour away and I have friends there. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip you should definitely visit at Christmas time!

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  2. The diary of Ellie says:

    I weny to Edinburgh back in August for a night and went to the zoo too! We got to see the Koala’s but the pandas never came out!


  3. ellieslondon says:

    I love a good zoo but I haven’t been to this one since I was little! I used to go quite alot when I lived up north/ 90 mins away, but now in London I haven’t been to Edinburgh for 6 years! Was thinking about going up just before Christmas as it was always so lovely but I would love to go back to the zoo! Those penguins are just too cute!

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  4. jasonlikestotravel says:

    I can confirm the views are pretty spectacular in the summer, makes the uphill climb worthwhile once you’re up there. I’m glad you had fun visiting! 🙂

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  5. Love, Lottie Rose says:

    I LOVE Edinburgh and the zoo is amazing, I totally agree (minus how hilly it is because boy oh boy does it remind me how unfit I am haha!).

    I really like the pictures too. Lovely post 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

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