One Year Of Blogging: What I Have Learned.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I can’t believe that it has been a year since I started and posted my first post which you can read here. It feels surreal that my little corner on the internet is now a year old. I feel like such a proud mum so god knows what I’ll actually be like when I have kids ha! I never really prepared myself for what was to come but I couldn’t be prouder of myself for finally doing what I’ve wanted to do for years and creating content that I 100% love. I wanted to share what I have learned throughout these past twelve months.

Just be yourself

Everyone online shows their best bits, a highlight reel if you will. Not everyone that blogs is the same person and that’s what we all need to focus on rather than compare ourselves to everyone else. There is so many posts out there that people feel they have to write because they are the popular ones but why write a post that isn’t you? Nothing is more entertaining than being yourself online and not just following the crowd. I put myself out there and started to write about mental health and one of my most read posts is about loneliness and that makes me so proud because mental health needs to be talk about more.

It’s ok to take time away and log off. 

We’ve all been there where we feel down and low and just don’t have the energy to keep up blogging every week and you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking some time away, logging off and just enjoy life as it is. Social media is so big nowadays anyone can say anything online and not realise how much it can affect them. In the last 12 months I’ve learnt to not take what people say to heart and just log off and walk away. Your health always has to come first.

Blogging isn’t easy. 

I don’t think I ever realised how hard blogging can be and how much time and effort it takes to keep your blog up and running. From taking pictures to editing them and then writing up the post. It can take up a lot of time and when working a full time job like me it can take it’s toll very fast. We also write emails to compaines, reply to them, Scheduling tweets, making sure your posting about your blog daily on sites such as Instagram and Twitter. It isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Never compare yourself to your favourite bloggers. 

I can’t count how many times I have done this. It’s so easy to sit their read their posts and want to be like them but everyone is different no two bloggers are the same. Everyone has a different story to tell online. Never think that what one person posts on Instagram that is their life everyday because I can guarantee that is not because we all have our down days bu we don’t post that. So never compare yourself to others live your life and people will love you more for that.

Know that you’re worth being in the blogging scene. 

Over the past few months I’ve felt like I don’t belong in this community and I don’t really have a place and that is one of the worst feelings let me tell you that. I realised that everyone is different we all enjoy writing different blogs and we all enjoy different things so in reality everyone is good enough and no one can really fit in. I love seeing people be different and be the same beauty blogger that we see everywhere, being different is fun so why change that?

Success doesn’t happen overnight.

I wouldn’t consider my blog the biggest but I have worked hard over the past 12 months and I’m icnredibly happy with where my blog is right now and where I see it going in the future. It takes a lot of work to get people coming back every week to read your posts and that’s when you’ll know peope actually enjoy reading your posts and that is so rewarding. We all just have to keep writing content we enjoy and putting it out then and your already halfway there and the readers and followers will come with time I promise.

I couldn’t be prouder of myself or my blog because it’s helped my mental health so much and made me become a better person and finally put myself out there. I just want to say thank you to every follower, person who has commented or just reads my posts it means the wolrd to me and more.

Here’s to another year then!


Jen x

37 thoughts on “One Year Of Blogging: What I Have Learned.

  1. Chloe Chats says:

    I definitely agree with every point you made! When I first started blogging I worried that I’d have to only blog about things that were popular but then I thought what’s the point, there’s no point blogging about something you’re not interested in. And blogging definitely is hard, there’s so much to do, at first you don’t realise but it’s all enjoyable 🙂

    Chloe xx

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  2. Simply Michelle says:

    loved this post xx happy birthday to your blog! i completely agree with all the points you made. I also work full time and I actually am lucky enough to be able to fit in time to work on my blog while at work, i don’t know how i’d manage it all if I couldn’t. i enjoyed this so much that you just got yourself a new follower (: xx

    mich /

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  3. Kayla Jayne says:

    Happy Blogaversiry! I completely agree with your points here, especially that its okay to take a step back. I’ve forced blog posts before, just to keep me going and they ALWAYS get deleted because I feel like they’re not me.

    Kayla xo

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  4. Peanuts and Cacahuetes says:

    Congratulations on your 1-year blogniversary!! (blogniversary sounds fancier than blog anniversary haha) This is a great achievement and you can be proud of yourself!
    Great lessons in your post as well! It’s true that it’s great and fun to be different and you shouldn’t compare yourself to other bloggers, but sometimes, you can’t help it haha
    Just like you mentioned, I never thought blogging was so much work before I actually start blogging! It’s been only a few months, so huge wake-up call!! But I’m glad I started!
    Once again happy celebrations for your 1 year and cheers to many more to come!!

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  5. keepingupwithMJ says:

    Yay! Happy one year to you. How exciting 💜💜💜 I’ve just discovered your blog, but you just gained one more follower! I’m glad you’ve learned all these things mentioned because everyone thinks blogging is so easy when it requires dedication and work! You got to be consistent and never compare to others. No matter what. Loveeee the post.

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  6. Love, Lottie Rose says:

    Happy 1 year! Its so nice to hear your story and how blogging has helped you, keep up the good work. I look forward to reading your next post! 🙂 xx


  7. glamglitzgloss says:

    Happy Blog Birthday! Love seeing everything you’ve learnt over the past year and couldn’t agree more with everything. We should all show ourselves more and not just the highlights, if you don’t blog you’ll never understand how much work goes in to it but if you love it it’s worth it! And NEVER compare… But we all do it don’t we

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  8. Mrs Nuttall Says says:

    Happy 1 year Jen. I totally agree with you and all you’ve said in regards to blogging. I started blogging in 2015, and blogged until 2017. I worked hard and got it to a place I had good views and traffic BUT I realised I wasn’t happy with my content. I was trying tonne too much like ‘a blog’ if that makes sense. Too much focus on numbers, scheduling and the nitty gritty and I forgot to write and be involved and build a good community. So here I am 2019, 2 kids and a marriage later back and ready to begin.

    Thanks for keeping those trap doors fresh in my mind. Best of luck x

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