A New Haircare Regime for 2019.

I always been one of them people who never really changes their hair care routine and sometimes I think that surely has to be bad right? As a girl who has bleached pink ends and dark brown hair it can sometimes be hard to find the right products for me especially with the frizzy hair I have. So when the team over at Fabriah got in contact with me to try some of their Merlin haircare products I jumped at the chance and couldn’t wait to see how they helped my hair.

I have never heard of this brand before I will be honest but they are very popular by the brand Fabriah and used in over 40 salons so they have to good right? The difference between this brand and your high street brands is they don’t follow your typical just shampoo and conditioner and that’s it. They have taken a whole new route by doing cleanse, shampoo and treatment. This is a brand that really wants to look after your hair!


I have been using the products for about 2 months now and I have to say I have been getting on really well with them. I have noticed a marked change in my hair.  To give you an insight into my hair it is very thick and I have been dying it since I was 13 so it does need to be looked after very well. I don’t have naturally straight hair (sad) and its so frizzy and curly it’s not easy to manage at all!

The Merlin Range.

Hydro Lubricating Daily Moisture Revival Power Cleanzer.

The first product that they sent me was the Hydro Lubricating Cleanzer. This shampoo aims to hydrated the hair for balance but also attract much-needed moisture and elasticity into the hair. As someone who has dyed her hair for a long time this sounded so appealing to me. I felt as soon as I used it my hair felt so clean and any products I had used such as hairspray and dry shampoo. It made it feel like I just stepped out of the hairdressers. INCREDIBLE.

Nourish Colour Safe Sealer. 

Just as the name suggests this will protect my coloured hair friends out there because let’s get real we want the colour to last a while as the hairdressers isn’t exactly cheap. This conditioner was so thick and smelled amazing and it made my hair so soft and silky and an added bonus I always struggle for my hair to stay straight all day ( curly hair problems) but since using this it has actually stayed straight all day. Got one happy girl here!


Power Plus Hair & Scalp Weekly Combination Power Treatment. 

I love using hair masks just like the next person and when I got sent this I couldn’t wait to try it. Who doesn’t love a good pamper. It made my hair feel so soft and shiny and so much easier to manage as a girl with thick hair, my hair can get knotty but since use this it has become so much easier to brush!


The Verdict. 

I’m definitely a massive fan of these products ever since using this products I have seen a massive difference in the way my hair feels and looks when I style it and is so so much easier to manage. I never thought to look into other products instead of sticking to the same  routine. It has helped my dry ends and made my hair feel so more moisturized. So in summary I would definitely recommend these products and they have so much products for all hair types.

Have you tried any of the Merlin products or will you be trying them? If you want to check out any of their products you can check out their range here.

Jen x

* The products shown in this post were gifted and all opinions are my own *


4 thoughts on “A New Haircare Regime for 2019.

  1. foundationsandfairytales says:

    I’ve never heard of these products but they sound really good! I’m the same in that once I find a shampoo and conditioner that works for me I hardly ever change it but maybe I should. I’ve never tried a hair mask either, I feel like I’m missing out!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

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