Me Times Must Haves.

Let’s be real for a second life is crazy. We don’t put ourselves first or put time aside during the week to give ourselves the must needed relaxing time we need. We can all get stressed about different things whether that’s family, work, school or even relationships because we all argue with our other half’s now and again. Trust me relationships aren’t all perfect. I try as much as possible at least once a week to do some self care, relax and unwind from life. I always live by you can’t take care of others before you take care of yourself. You need to step back, give yourself self love and care and love yourself so you can love others.

Comfy Clothes.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand them people that can chill around the house in jeans like girl what are you doing? I’m all for joggers and shorts and old t shirts. I’ve never really worn pj’s, bad I know but I just love shorts and an old top or hoodie and I can be comfy as hell and I do exactly this when I get home from work because let’s best honest work uniform really isn’t comfy at all.

Hot Chocolate.

I can’t get through the week without at least one cup of hot chocolate. It makes me feel comfy and warm inside and it takes me right back to being a child and going round to grandma’s and having a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. YES PLEASE. I’m definitely one of them that drinks it in summer, I have no regrets.

Face and hair mask.

I’ve only recently realised how good hair masks are and they have changed the way that my hair feels especially since i dye my hair quite a lot. It helps it feel fresh out the salon and who doesn’t want that feeling? As for face masks I love the feeling of putting a face mask on and just relaxing and switching my mind off.

Pop on your favourite TV show or film.

There is no better feeling than getting home, putting your comfy clothes on and popping on your favourite TV show or film and I absolutely swear by Netflix, I put my phone down make a hot chocolate and just switch off. Currently binge watching Queer Eye with no regrets, my favourite show by far right now. I love having movie days on my days off and I always go to Marvel because that is my thing and it just makes me incredibly happy and relaxed.

A bubble bath.

Who doesn’t love getting home running a hot bubble bath with a lush bath bomb and just relaxing and letting your body just sink and relax. I love burning candles, turning all the lights off and just relax it can be the most relaxing thing for yourself but also your brain and who doesn’t love lush bath bombs?!

Read that book.

If your like me and for this year you want to start reading more it’s time to crack open that book and starting reading because it can not only switch the outside world off, it can also get you lost in the story and really understanding the story and I’ve loved reading recently so get that book out and start reading now but also crack open that wine as well.

Go for a walk.

There is nothing I love more on summer nights is getting outside going for a walk or taking the dog for one. I love living near the beach and I’m pretty sure my dog loves it as much as me. It definitely helps clear my head and I actually enjoy walking and being literally on the doorstep of a beach. I couldn’t imagine not living near the beach.

These are just a few of the things I love to do to help me on my self care days but also make me feel better on my down days. We all need to take care of ourselves now and again and learn to be selfish and love the body we are in.

Do you do any of these Me Time must haves or have any others?

Jen x

6 thoughts on “Me Times Must Haves.

  1. molly rose says:

    I love this!! Me time and self care is literally so important, I’m not sure if I can’t stress just how important it actually is!! I love all your must haves, and they are all things that I love to do as well! I’d love to know what hair mask you use, as I have dyed hair as well and I really want to start using them! Great post xx

    Liked by 1 person

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