I Got My Fourth Tattoo And What To Expect From Your First.

If you follow me on any of my socials you will know how much I adore tattoos and if I had the money I would be covered in them trust me! If you haven’t read my tattoos post I leave it here.

As I’m currently working on a watercolour sleeve of course it had to be colourful and cute. This tattoo doesn’t really have a meaning expect for the fact that I love red pandas and let’s be honest who doesn’t? Im slowly on my way to completing my sleeve but it does cost a lot!

Although this took 3 hours it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be and was about a 7/10 in pain wise. I have to see if your wanting to get line work be prepared for the pain that is by far the worst part about mine, the dot work and the colour fine but the line work kills but don’t let that put you off because it’s so worth it if you can sit there. My rib was still the worst pain by far!

These pictures are just after I had it done ( the first is my tattooist one and the second is after i got home and washed it and creamed it up so just to pre warn this isn’t fully healed and looks quite sore but it isn’t!

There are so many things to expect when getting an tattoo and I’m nowhere near an expert and everyone’s pain threshold is different but there is certain things to expect when getting a tattoo.

It’s not as painful as it looks.

Now there is quite a few needles going into your skin at fast pace and you can think “that must hurt” but trust me it really doesn’t hurt. It can just depend of the area of where the tattoo is and how big. Most people who have had tattoos say it feels like a long sharp cat scratch and that may sound super painful but if I had to compare it with something I’d rather get another tattoo than have period cramps. YEP.

Aftercare is key.

Your tattooist has done the hard work and got the design you love on your arm but now it’s up to you. Your tattooist will most likely wrap it when it’s finished and you must leave it on for an hour or so and then wash it and cream it up! This is the most important part of a tattoo. I usually cream mine at least 2 times a day and use coconut butter it’s the dream! It will feel like really bad sunburn and be so swollen the next day but that is totally normal don’t freak out. Be prepared to stay out of the sun for 2 weeks and for it to be itchy and scabby but it’ll be so worth it in the end. 

Good tattoos aren’t cheap.

Be prepared that it won’t be cheap but again that does depend on how big the tattoo is for my most recent I paid £180 and I’d happily pay that again I love mine. If you want a fantastic tattoo be prepared to pay a good price. In my opinion you aren’t just paying for the tattoo your paying for their skills and unique designs that they come up with.

Tattoos take time.

They aren’t done in a flash, be prepared to sit there for a while, the longest I have sat is 3 hours and it hurts near the end but it’s so worth it but again it depends on the size if you just want a small wrist or foot one it could probably be done within the hour or if your working on a sleeve it can take a good few hours just be aware of this when deciding.

It is addictive.

Ask anyone who has tattoos, once you get one you can’t stop you’ll be back again and again. Seeing your design on your arm being incredibly happy with it will make you want more and despite the pain and the aftercare it’s so worth it.

Having a tattoo done is one of the nicest things I can imagine, I love giving a design to my tattooist him making it his own and seeing it come to life on my arm. It’s just incredible. Don’t be scared of getting your first but be prepared you will want more straight away.

Have you got any tattoos or will you be getting one?

Jen x

10 thoughts on “I Got My Fourth Tattoo And What To Expect From Your First.

  1. Adrienne says:

    I want a tattoo I been saying that I’m going to get one for years and I procrastinate because I’m scared of the pain lol which is so strange cause I have a high tolerance for pain but yeah I’m still tattoo-less lol maybe I’ll face my fears this year and just do it ! thanks for all the insight

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