Keeping The Spark Alive In A Long-Term Relationship.

We all love the start of a fresh relationship, the excitement, no arguments, the butterflies, the honeymoon period if you want to call it that. Apparently couples after about 1 and a half years together will start to lose or see a drop in loved up hormones and that thing you said you loved at the start, well that starts to become very annoying.

So the question is how do we keep this so called honeymoon phase alive? Don’t get me wrong it’s not easy I’ve been with my partner for 5 years now and there is still days he annoys the hell out but I wouldn’t change him for anything. I do have bad news we can’t control our hormones oh how I wish we could! The feeling of wanting to rip his clothes everyday has got less and less and let’s be real you just want to get in bed and watch Netflix.

There is many different ways to keep your relationship alive so let’s get into these tips shall we?

Don’t take each other for granted.

Now this seems plain and simple right? We sometimes forget to sit back and look at our partners and remember every little memory good or bad and why you fell in love with them in the first place. An absolute must is never EVER walk out the door before work without giving your partner a kiss and saying I love you because let’s be real they might not be their the next day, who knows what’s around the corner. Just always tell your partner you love them and don’t just assume they know because let’s be real someone saying they love you means the world right?

Surprise your partner.

Keep your partner on their toes, surprise them with something they love and let’s be honest we all coming home to a surprise after a hard week at work! This doesn’t mean you have to buy tickets to go abroad or go on holiday to the place they’ve always dreamed of. It can just mean cook them their favourite meal just because, watch their favourite movie with snacks even if you don’t like it. These are things that don’t have to be done on birthdays or anniversary’s just do it just because.

Let’s talk about sex.

Now we can all agree that after being with someone for a long time. The sex dies out, its not exciting or secretive anymore it’s just meh. Talking about it with your partner is just as important as to what happens between the sheets. Try new things even plan it out there is nothing wrong with that because let’s be real sex is actually rather good.

Date night.

Remember the early times, the dates, the fun, the memories. All our lives can be so busy and after work we just want to chill out but who says you have to go out to have a date? Get them snacks and put your favourite movies on and just spend time together. Make time for each other and make new memories.

Try something new.

There is no better way than to keep that spark alive than to try something new whether that be golf, squash, going to the arcades. Anything that you haven’t tried yet and trust me it’ll be so much fun. We’ve recently tried squash and it was so much fun and we couldn’t stop laughing and smiling and that’s the best feeling.

There is so many different things to try in a new relationship but never forget why you fell in love with your partner and visit the old places where you made memories and remember the good times, but also make new ones and just enjoy each others company.

How do you keep your relationship alive?

Jen x

12 thoughts on “Keeping The Spark Alive In A Long-Term Relationship.

  1. crystalsandcurls says:

    Great tips girl! I always like to think of love as changing over the course of long term relationships; at first it’s the super intense crush stage and then you start getting more comfortable with each other and switch to the more family love. These are good tips for keeping it exciting xx

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  2. Chanelle says:

    As time goes and the spark changes people will either give up and want to move on or try new things and keep the relationship together because they realise how great the person they are with is deep down and don’t want to lose them. I have only had one relationship so far and it lasted for around 18 months. Long story short it didn’t end well and left me heartbroken, I’ve been trying to find love again but it seems many younger people these days love the idea of having someone to call their own but don’t want to commit and be exclusive. I’m still young and I never stop hoping I’ll find a guy when I’m meant to but things definitely seemed easier 10 or 20 years ago haha. It’s nice to hear stories like yours and see true love does still exist 🙂

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  3. Naomi (Inching Forwards) says:

    I loved this post, particularly because a lot of the advice involved eating snacks (if there’s one thing I love more than my partner, it’s snacks 😂). But seriously, I think at the heart of all the advice you gave, and all of the extra stuff I might be able to suggest, it’s just… make a little effort. It doesn’t have to be anything major, like you said.
    Also talking about sex is a really solid piece of advice – whether you’re still super into it, or if it’s fading out a bit. Talking is going to make it better!

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