It’s Okay Not To Be Okay.

From time to time everything can get on top of us whether it’s work, family life or them hard relationships. When this happens our mental health can take a turn for the worst and if your like me a relapse is definitely something that may crop up.

Society teaches us not to cry, to bottle them feelings up to not talk about how we feel but how is that going to help? We need to open up and talk to people because as soon as we do we feel so much better.

This is something I have been struggling with for the past few months, a few things have been going on, I felt like giving up, slipping back into that bad way. I’ve always said you can never fully recover from mental health issues and they will always be in your head, is that true? I don’t know but I do believe it because some days I don’t even want to be here.

Why do we always feel guilty?

Why do we feel guilty for crying? Why do we feel we have to be strong all the time when let’s be real that’s not realistic right? Why do we feel so guilty when we cry because we have so much to be grateful for? We can’t chose how we feel, it’s not possible.

Accept your feelings.

It’s ok to feel sad, not everyone is expected to be happy 24/7 that’s just not possible. Everyone goes through bad patches in life and our mental health can creep up at any time, just like a switch it can creep in and drain the life out of you. What I’ve learnt from this is to accept how you feel don’t try and brush it away, the sooner you accept it’s not your fault and it’s normal It feels like your no longer fighting with yourself and thats’ a breath of fresh air!

You aren’t alone!

This is a huge one, everyone in the world goes through different things on a daily basis but sometimes just sometimes there is people going through the same as you. You have family and friends to talk to, it can be embarrassing, you can cry but it will be a huge weight of your shoulder. Just talk because it can make such a difference.

Don’t listen to THAT voice.

If you ever suffered with some of the stuff I did, you’ll know what I mean by that voice, it’s telling you to do things you shouldn’t do, to hurt the people you love. Don’t listen to it break the cycle of the negative thinking. The anxiety will pass, the depression will pass, the difficult relationship with food will get better it just takes time.

Instead of thinking bad, think of the positive like I will go and meet this friend and have food with her because that’s what you deserve and you will feel so much better.

Just breathe.

It’s hard to relax when your face is red, the tears are falling and your heart is racing. Just close your eyes, be present in your own body and just breathe slowly and in time with your body because it is your body and you should love it.

Time is a healer.

We all want to feel better in a split second but I’m here to say that is not possible. As a girl who has struggled with anxiety, depression, eating disorder and self harm. It doesn’t go away fast, it can take years but once you accept the help and talk you can feel better and when you recover you can say “yes I made it”.

It’s not easy to talk about mental health but we do need to talk about it more and be open with our struggles because nobody’s life is perfect. Everyone struggles and has bad days. It’s time we fought the stigma and start talking guys!

I love you all and if you ever need someone to talk to my twitter DM’S are open.

Would you like to see more mental health posts and if so which ones?

Jen x

3 thoughts on “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay.

  1. Ami says:

    I have learned throughout the past year that Acceptance has been what improves my mental health. It is a long and difficult journey to Acceptance but you will get there ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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