Life Update. Where Have I been?

So it’s been a while since I last put a post live. I’m not going to lie I just wasn’t feeling blogging, my anxiety got worse and I just wasn’t feeling myself and didn’t want to post when I’m not 100% because we are real over here.

If you know you’ll know I have suffered a lot with mental health and some days are worse than others but it has been bad recently and I found it so hard to get out of but I defintely feel in a better place now and that’s down to my incredible boyfriend for listening to my rants and letting me cry. He’s my rock!

A big part of me being back to myself is getting back into my workouts, it honestly makes me feel 10x better, I can’t explain how much it can help your mental health just to do a workout even if it’s for 10 minutes TRUST ME!

Anyway let’s lift the mood and set my goals for the next month or so!

Go self hosted eeeek.

I’m thinking about going self hosted but need a little help and reseach before I jump into it so any posts or comments you guys can leave me will be appreciated so much!

Go to Edinburgh.

I haven’t been back to my favourite place since last year and hardly done things with my boyfriend iend expect go to the cinema and eat yummy food and we both deserve to go away and go to my favourite zoo!

Get back to two blog posts.

My blog posts have been a bit everywhere and I have no schedule and I just don’t like that so I’ll hopefully be able to get back into it and pre write so I have some built up to just post on a mad work week!

I hope to be back to my best and be more consitent with my blog and hopefully go self hosted eeeek.

Till next time,

Jen x

One thought on “Life Update. Where Have I been?

  1. d_analyzt says:

    There’s no mental health challenge in Christ ,he has made you whole so always go by that consciousness . I’m sending you love 💖 . I self hosted my blog and it was a lot of work but watching videos and reading other blogs really do help

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