Back To My Favourite City.

It’s that time of the year again and I went back to my favourite place aka Edinburgh. If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I go to Edinburgh pretty much every year and it’s fast becoming my second home. I just adore it.

The weather this time was a massive let down. The day we arrived it was so sunny and warm but soon as it was the zoo day, you bet it chucked it down just our luck really! Rain or shine the zoo is still my absolute favourite thing to do. we rocked the rain macs

As always we stayed in The White Lady once me and my boyfriend find a hotel we like, we don’t like to try anything else. It is such a nice hotel and only a 10 minute walk from the zoo and costs us £10 in an uber into the town centre which is just perfect for us.

We got there earlier than we did last time so we decided to venture into the town and we had to try Five Guys for the first time. Now it was expensive for two of us but let me tell you, it was the nicest burger and chips I’ve ever eaten and them shakes damn they were tasty! We had a little walk around the town and saw the castle, that’s defintely on the list next time it looks incredible!

The Tuesday of course it was time for the zoo, I honestly love this zoo so much, it is by far my favourite and the views are to die for. The best part about this trip to the zoo was we had free tickets as Liam had adopted me a penguin so with that we got free tickets and I got to see my name on the board. I was a very happy girl!

The only bad thing was the rain but hey we still made the most of it and enjoyed it! Also the pandas had recently moved to a new enclosure so I wasn’t able to see them but I did manage to spot the girl at the window which I was so proud of!

Can we also talk about the fact I made a penguin friend, if anyone knows me they will know they are my favourite animal and I can’t decide if he was after my rain mac or he just liked me?!

I absoulety love Edinburgh and I can’t wait to be back for my birthday in November. If I could moved there my god I would but for now the little getaways are what I look forward to!

Now enjoy all the pictures I managed to get in the rain and let me know your favourite animal in the comments.

Is there any other places I should visit in Edinburgh?

Jen x

7 thoughts on “Back To My Favourite City.

  1. ellieslondon says:

    I love Edinburgh as well – I used to visit a few times a year when I lived up by Newcastle. I returned there this spring for the first time in about 6 years and still completely love it. I haven’t been to the zoo there since I was a child and would love to visit again on my next trip!

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