A Reverse Bucket List.

We all write about a bucket list we want to complete before we die but do we ever sit back and think about the things we have already achieved and what we are proud of?

We always strive to look forward to things in life but let me tell you life is so damn short, so let’s just live in the moment. This is why I’m doing this post instead of a bucket list which you look forward to things you want to do this is patting yourself on the back for things you have done.

This is a great way to look back on when you’re having a bad day or feel like a failure and think, yes I’ve achieved a lot. Don’t get me wrong there is still a bucket list I have but for now it’s about what i have achieved.

Moved away from home.

I have always been a family oriented girl and I think I always will be but moving away from home was a big one, I’m only 2 and half hours away but it’s still a big thing but there is nothing I love more than living near the sea.

Got a tattoo or four.

I have always loved the idea of being covered in ink. I currently have four and can’t wait to get even more. They are so damn addictive!

See more of the outdoors.

We can forget sometimes how beautiful nature can be and just getting outside and going for a walk and just getting the fresh air can be and find exciting places on your doorstep.

Fallen in love.

Throughout my life I have been unlucky in love, hurt and cheated on so I kind of gave up on the idea as we don’t need a man right? But sometimes crazy things can happen. I fell in love with my bestfriend and still strong 5 years later.

Improved my mental health.

I have always had bad mental health and struggled with my mental health and it took over me and I couldn’t even leave the house. Now I have so much more confidence and feel happy in myself for once.

I travelled more.

I have always wanted to travel more but I have never had the guts to do it because let’s be honest the world isn’t that safe. I have gone to Edinburgh my new favourite place and also London. Me and my boyfriend also plan to go to Disneyland Paris next year!

Adopted an animal.

I have a massive love for penguins and last year my boyfriend surprised me and adopted me one, I was in tears. I just love them so damn much!

Went to Wembley.

Possibly the biggest stadium for football and I’ve always wanted to go watch a football match and well we went. It was for Hashtag United and it was amazing that stadium is unreal and the food yum!

Dyed my hair pink!

I have always wanted to do something wild with my hair and I took the plunge last year and went to the hairdressers and got pink in the ends and I haven’t regretted it and still love it to this day.

Created this blog.

I have always read other people’s blogs and always wanted to make one myself but I just didn’t know if people would like it or not and what I would write about. Over a year has passed and I don’t regret it one bit and made some great friends.

Do you have a reverse bucket list or will you be making one now?

Jen x

6 thoughts on “A Reverse Bucket List.

  1. aisasami says:

    This is a beautiful reverse bucket list. It is great you made one because I think everyone should celebrate their achievements.


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