What I’ve Been Watching On Netflix.

So while we have been stuck inside, I have found the time to go through my watchlist and finally watch some of the things that have been on there for months!

Dare Me.

Ever since watching Cheer I have found a new found love for cheerleading and I loved the idea of this series showing the pain that cheerleaders face and let me tell you I did not expect the ending, there has to be a second series that’s for sure. It had me hooked from the first episode and I need that to stay focused on a series. Without ruining anything it’s about two best friends and the cheer squad gets a new coach and one girl Addy tries her best to ruin her, full of jealously, friendship and many many twists! It’s a high recommendation from me.

Death By Magic.

Anything including magic has me hooked I love it so much but this is completely different and I was on the edge of my seat with it. Basically it’s about a magician called DMC who goes around the globe re making magic tricks that had taken a magician life, now this had me hooked from the start and some of the tricks are terrifying but also amazing!

Tiger King.

If you haven’t watched this have you been living under a rock? I don’t even know where to start with this series expect just watch it if you haven’t. Without ruining anything its about captive tigers and one man called Joe Exotic and the crazy world in keeping big cats captive and also his feud with a certain woman. I was hooked on this series it was just so crazy I couldn’t stop watching. Definitely a must watch.

Formula 1 Drive To Survive.

Ever since series one dropped, I was counting down the days until series two was put on. If you like me and you love Formula one or racing this is a must watch. It’s all about formula one and behind the scenes of everything through the season and beyond. I loved this because I’m a massive F1 fan but even if you aren’t I think you would still enjoy the stories behind it.

Spinning Out.

Anything ice skating related I love, it’s just a shame I actually can’t skate. The series is all about one girl called Kat who has to battle her mental health issues, family issues and trying to get to the Olympics. I absolutely loved how it showed the mental health side but also how she managed to overcome her issues. It’s definitely a must watch especially if you love ice skating.

Netflix has become my bestfriend during this lockdown if you have any recommendations, let me know below.

Jen x

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