My Year Long Journey To Becoming Ginger.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you’ll know for the past year that I have been on a hair journey to go ginger and let me tell you it took so time and patience but it was so worth it.

A little back story on my hair before I decided to go ginger I was a dark brown/pink which I loved and is still one of my favourite colours I’ve been but it was so hard to maintain. Lowkey I do missing having that colour it always made me feel so powerful does anyone else feel like that?

After thinking long and hard about going ginger because I knew once I started I couldn’t go back and it was a risk I had to take, I’ve always been a dark colour and never fully dyed my hair a bright colour and I was scared. The big thing that was putting me of booking in straight away was the price I knew it wasn’t going to be cheap but I trusted my hairdresser and knew she wouldn’t do it all in one sitting because that is mental!

The First Visit.

The first time I went to the hairdressers I decide to go for a ombre effect just to see if I fully wanted to go ginger and as soon as I walked out the hairdressers I knew I wanted to lighter and lighter.

The Second Visit.

I knew with this visit we would be making a dramatic change but I did not expect it to go this bright but I absolutely loved it. We did a bleach bath to lift some of my dark brown and that is what we have done everytime we needed to go lighter, I would highly recommend doing a bleach bath than normal bleach it doesn’t ruin your hair as much and mine still feels soft till this day. I did debate staying this colour but I knew I wanted to be a little bit more ginger!

The Third Visit

When I went to this appointment we decided not to do a bleach bath just because my hair needed a little bit of a break and also wanted to see how it would take to a lighter colour and again I absolutely loved this colour and for once I wasn’t in the chair for over 3 hours! Also like to say that my roots were so bad because of lockdown so try ignore the state of them in the left picture.

The Final Visit.

Walking into the salon for this appointment felt so strange because I knew that this would be the one where I would go ginger fully and let’s just say it took over 4 hours and another bleach bath but I had never been happier with my hair. It is a journey to go from a dark colour to a light colour but you have to trust the process and have faith in your hairdresser because they know what’s right.

The risk was worth it because I’ve never loved a colour this much before and I’ve been pretty much every colour under the sun. It was a year long journey but one that I loved doing, I had full trust in my haidresser and what we needed to do and it worked out perfect, If your thinking about going a lighter or even darker colour this is your chance to do it because you never know you may just love it.

As for price I don’t know the exact amount and I don’t really want to look as I might cry! I’m guessing around £300/£400 over the year which I think is so worth it for what I’ve achieved and I’m in love with it. You pay for good hair that’s for sure.

What do you think about ginger hair and if you could go any colour what would it be?

Love Jen x

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