Review: Rimmel Breathable Foundation.

Hi guys,

So today I have another beauty post and this is the review of the New Rimmel lasting finish 25 hour breathable foundation.

I have always loved Rimmel make up. It’s always suited my skin and always the right shade for how pale I am, so when it came to trying this one out I wasn’t surprised at how good it was.

I got mine in the shade 100 Ivory which is a great shade for me and always has been with Rimmel foundations. This foundation has Breathable skin technology that says it can moisturise for up to 25 hours, now I can’t say it lasts 25 hours because who wears foundation for that long? But it definitely makes my skin feel like it’s been moisturised and I’m all for that. It’s extremely easy to blend in and is definitely a buildable coverage. I would say it’s a medium coverage and can be built up to full coverage. It definitely lasted all day and will be purchasing again when it runs out.

I have to say one thing about this foundation and that is the applicator. What is it, a big concealer brush? I have to say I was very surprised by it. I’ve always used foundation you can just pump onto your hand and blend in with a sponge but with this I just used the applicator to put it all over my face and blend it in with my sponge and I have to say it definitely doesn’t waste as much as product as a pump would but it’s definitely a strange one. For the colour I’ve always loved Rimmel for catering to the pale people. Hands up if you’re a pale twin? My Rimmel foundations have always suited my pale skin and yet again so did this one. That is one of the main reasons I always go back to Rimmel. Overall I LOVE this foundation and Rimmel yet again have made another amazing foundation with buildable coverage, the only thing I wish it had was a pump purely because I’m use to it but that’s me being fussy I guess. The price for this is £8.99 at Superdrug.

My overall rating for this would be 4/5 and would definitely recommend it if you love Rimmel and want a foundation that is lightweight on the skin then this one would be for you.

Have you tried this foundation or any other Rimmel ones?

Thanks for reading today’s product review. I hope you enjoyed it!

Till next time,

Jen x

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